Looking for high quality adult content
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What's the best place on the net to find high-quality adult content? thinking about taking the plunge and subscribing to a pay site, anybody have any (positive or negative) recommendations? Things I like: Videos (quicktime highly preferred), beautiful models, high quality pics, trusted site, reasonable price, free preview would be nice. Things I don't really care about: erotic stories, live chats with models, "name brand"/fame (e.g. Penthouse, Jenna Jameson). Things I don't like: fetishes, pop-ups, virii, credit card/identity theft, windows only interfaces. Are there any (impartial) websites that reviews adult pay sites?
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I enjoy redclouds.com, the pay-site companion to voyeurweb.com.
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Jane's Guide does a decent job of reviewing what's out there.
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domai and thenewnude.com have good reps.
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I had a longtime login/pass combo to Ten.com and I was pretty happy with them. They had an amazing search engine where you could search by location [airplane, fountain, kitchen, bedroom] or by coupling arrangement [3m1w, 2m2w, &c] or by kink. They had changing content, full length movies, and some more traditional stuff like Penthouse's Barely Legal vids and some other stuff from pay cable channels. It's mostly streaming video and basically works, no BS plugins or other dreck. It's not cheap [$20/mo I think] and I haven't seen it since the latest redesign, but man was it nice! Works on a Mac, and I think there's some sort of trial available.
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Er... Usenet?
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Well, though I never look, I like amateurallure.com and ultrawiredsex.com.

Both have hot women and totally custom content but both are kinda focused, I guess, towards the stuff I like (young women, real breasts, cum, no-shitty-porn-music, no-shitty-sets). I can't vouch for either company professionally since I've never dealt with them as regards payments, refunds, or customer service. However, the amateur allure guy shoots in what I assume is his house, and he's got some beautiful macs, so that (weirdly) makes me trust him more. Porn for "guys like me." (2.1 mb mp3 file)
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As a photographer and web designer, I really appreciate the design and quality of bluenudes.com. Though I've never had the, erm, privilege, of browsing the members section of the site, there was a time "back when" where much of the site was free. I like how they approach each shoot with a great deal of focus and detail to design. It's very "episodic" in that respect, and I like the different design themes and colors they employ.
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::ahem:: When is that anonymous commenting ability coming along?
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i've seen entire site rips (+ monthly updates) available via p2p. are you sure you need to be paying?
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juv3nal: which p2p?
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all you need.
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what darkpony said for one. don't know if signups are currently open though.

even some randomly sampled sites/trackers off of here have some. you may need to register for logins and hunt around a bit though.
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may not be what you are after, but I enjoy the simplicity of elephantlist.com
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Oh heck. People watch porn - no need to be all anonymous about it.

pixonfire.com is pretty darn great, and completely free. You can't restrict certain filetypes (though you can choose between images, videos or both), but you can search by keyword. And their interface is hilarious.
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My god, with all of the free content out there, why would anyone pay for porn?

I say this without judgement, as I have a very nice porn collection of my own. :)

But between Edonkey, usenet, and sites like Fusker, I can't see why paying a single $ is even necessary. On Edonkey, you can get entire release movies, site-rips, fan collections, everything. There are sites that even index and supply content for it. And believe me, you will find EVERYTHING imaginable.
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