$30/night for parking, I don't think so
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Staying at Red Lion Hotel downtown Seattle but don't want to pay outrageous hotel parking fee ($30 a night!). Does anyone know somewhere else within a reasonable distance where I can park for cheap? I've got strong legs and some patience.
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Will you be parking downtown during business hours or only at night (free)?
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Response by poster: arriving in SEATTLE Friday after 5pm, and overnight that evening.
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Street parking is free after 6, but it might be difficult to find a spot. There are plenty of parking garages with night rates, just drive around.
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Best answer: As was pointed out, there's no fee to park on the street after 6, though note that at 8am on Saturday you'll have to begin paying and street parking rates have recently become variable in Seattle so that will run you $1.50-2.50/hour depending on where you would end up parking.

You're staying int he downtown core and you want to get out of that immedaite area to find parking--you're more likely to find parking north of where you are staying in the 'south lake union' area. Alternatively you could go south and probably find a spot for free under the Viaduct (Hwy 99), though that might feel a bit sketch or put your car in the Qwest Field North Lot--it should be $10 unless it's there's an RV/BoatShow/MonsterTruckRally going on. (I would not, btw, recommend parking on the street near Qwest Field in Pioneer Square--place gets messy on the weekends.
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If you're arriving between 5 and 8pm, it will be easy to find street parking. Just drive north on 4th avenue and park on the street. If by chance, you don't find parking on 4th, then drive the opposite way down 3rd. You should be able to find a place less than 5 minutes walking distance away. You'll have to wake up at 8am and either move your car or buy 2 hours of parking.
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Response by poster: thanks everyone!
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Pacific Place, great downtown indoor shopping area, movie theater, food, and parking options---depending on the hours, better by a lot, than $30-- or even better. And pretty close to your hotel.
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Qwest Field north lot is great - I park there every day when I drive to work. I've never left my car there overnight, but I have parked all day and then gone to a game and stayed parked there without having to pay extra, and they had no problem with that. The Boat Show and RV Show are both over. It would be a bit of a walk to where you are staying, but buses are free within the downtown core and there are a lot of routes (transit.metrokc.gov or use maps.google.com/transit).
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$30 for city parking is hardly outrageous. It isn't fun, but it isn't outrageous.
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buses are free within the downtown core

Only guaranteed between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. (In practice, it might last a little bit longer.)
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