Help me find a big dance space in Boston.
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I'm helping put on a big swing dance event in Boston this coming spring. Can you suggest places that have big enough dance floors for 200-300 people to dance on? (something on the order of about 3000 sq ft or more.) We're having a hard time locating anything.

I'd also love to know if there is a resource in town that can help us find a venue - perhaps a repository of all the event space in the city? Would a library have this?

The regular swing dance venues tend to hold about half that size, so we need to find somewhere different for this event. I'd *love* to find a gorgeous old ballroom with a huge floor and a stage for the band, but I just don't know if those places exist around here. (and for what it's worth, I don't think we'll have the budget to rent an expensive ballroom at the Taj or what have you, but I'd be happy to call and find out if you can recommend a great place!)

thanks! :)
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Wedding planning sites like have databases of almost all of the venues. I would think using a wedding site it wouldn't be hard to narrow this down. Also consider renting a dance floor if the space is carpeted, it will open up some options.

The Boston Park Plaza looks like a good place.
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The Roxy is a gorgeous old ballroom with a huge floor and a stage.
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I'd contact a dance studio (or some organization that teaches dance) and see if they have a list of venues. They hold periodic competitions , so am sure they have venues that they work with. There's an Arthur Murray in Boston, but I'm sure you can find others.

Also , organizations like the Harvard Club have large rooms which have dance floors - theirs is actually quite lovely - I've attended a wedding there and the main room is large enough for 200 people

If you choose to go the hotel ballroom route, you dont have to go with the priciest options (like the Taj) - I think even more moderately hotels have ballroom space, although it may not be as sumptuous. I've been in the Back Bay Sheraton (attached to the Prudential), and it's not bad.
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Haven't been there, but a lot of big events go on at the Dilboy VFW in Davis. Pretty sure you can find a place to rent some snap-together parquet and tape it down to the floor.
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Best answer: Hibernian Hall in Roxbury is gorgeous.
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Response by poster: thank you SO much for the suggestions, everyone! Hibernian Hall is exactly what I am looking for. Would be great to know if there are any other places like that in the area in case they are booked.

(the Roxy would be great, too, if it did not host a nightclub every Friday night - in fact there used to be swing dancing there regularly, back in the 90s boom.)

I will also check out the moderate-range hotels to see if they have big enough ballrooms. thanks again! :)
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