What song is sampled in this Wu Tang cut?
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What's being sampled in Wu Tang's "Rock Steady"? What other songs are like this?

Here's the song in question.

What is the original song?

And, if you can, please recommend more songs I'd like.
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What I mean by the latter question is something like, "I like the sample; I think I'd like the original song; please recommend more songs like this one."
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From a quick google, it seems to be a few lines from Ol' Dirty Bastard, not a whole song.

If you like that sort of sound, try some Barry White. Of course, I'm very, very old.
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can't help you with this particular track, but sometimes the mostly complete the-breaks.com would have your answer.

To answer your followup question, I'd suggest the Shaolin Soul compilation series - many of the original soul and funk songs sampled by RZA/Wu-Tang are collected, and you might even find the particular one you are looking for.
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Are you talking about the guitar sound in the background of the whole song, or the Barry White sounding guy that pops in a couple of times?
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The guitar sound.
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9th Wonder (the producer) has some good stuff that, as Jean Grae says, just makes you sing to 'em. Little Brother - Extrahard, Jean Grae - Don't Rush Me. I never got around to replying previously because I was trying to find the sample answer. All I know is that RZA made the beat and dude is saying 'baby you sho (sure) like to rock" and she says "and roll too!"

I'm still trying to find a scarface sample from a previous askme I put up. Funny thing is, some of the answers might be in the liner notes, but I long since sold back that CD, and that Tony Touch CD is probably hard to find in a library or even in a store. And even then there is probably no info in the liner notes. I wonder if it's on an ascap database somewhere or something.
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