Name our farm!
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Seeking a name for our impending farm. Help!

Things that are relevant:

1) It's small. We'll just be cultivating an acre or two.
2) We will have small animals. A corgi. Dwarf goats. Chickens.
3) It's in Vermont. It's cold here. There are mountains.
4) It needs to fit both the farm itself and work as a brand for things like pies, jams, etc.
5) The farm is Metafilter related in that the land actually belongs to a fellow Mefite. But inside jokes have to be funny to outsiders as well.

Our first idea is Snowpatch Farm, but we think we can do better. Ideas? We want to get going on a blog, so we need a name soon!
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Dwarf goats? Mountains? Perhaps you might name it after Thorin Oakenshield, King Under the Mountain.

I am too dorky by half.
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Crystal Creek Farm
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Will the farm have bunnies?
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Simple Pleasures
Snow Valley
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Also: we prefer clever names to cutesy. We know of a pig farm called Flying Pigs and that's always been a favorite. And yes, there might be bunnies.
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Little Mountain Farm (because it's in the mountains, and everything about it will be small).
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OK, disregard the cutsey, and consider the clever then:

Acres Away (or Aweigh)
Knottareal Farm (since you don't have cows and stuff)
Goat Ellit on the Mountain (then name one of your goats 'Ellit')
Goa Way (too standoffish for pies?)
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How about Pocket Farm? Like, the pocketbook version of a farm. Or: Pocketbook Farm.
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Tiny Elvis Farms (because that used to be my favorite stupid SNL skit)
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small cold farm
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Small Time
A Little Chilly
Cold Enough For Ya
Tiny Mountain
Chilly Hilly
Two Cold Acres
Chilly Goat
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Little Kid Farm - Logo is a picture of a small goat

Cold Nose Farm - Logo is a picture of a dog's nose (I really just want to see a jar labelled Cold Nose Jam!)
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Beanplate Farms
Two Taters Farm
Pembroke Estate
Lazy A Ranch
Nanny's Knob
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"Goodberry Glen" (when we were young we built a tree house/druid camp of the same name... yes we were/are nerds) - might work for the farm/products angle.
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mini chilly farm
vermountain farm
look at children's classic fairytales...
also what flowers are native to the area? i'm thinking daffodil ranch or something.
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ooh ooh what about "the hive"?
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pixie mountain farm
toy box farm
fairy feast farm (or faery)
commonwealth acres/gardens
crossroads farm

note: pixie not only means "small," but they traditionally help farmers with their chores
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Perhaps you can discover something you like by looking at anagrams for words such as Metafilter.

The best I could see was 'Teelit Farm', which is definitely better than 'Filtrate Me' and some of the other inappropriate suggestions on that page.
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One of question you might consider is what draws your offering apart from everyone else out there. It's a tough question, but if well considered it will help build an internally consistent promotional strategy.

Given the specifics I thought these facets sounded a bit unique and accessible for a general populace.
1) Small acreage <> 2) Corgi, Chickens, Dwarf Goats <> 3) Vermont <>
But, beyond the unique question, where do you think you’ll make the majority of your sales? Given that you're planning on blogging about the farm, are you aiming for a national scope? Or is this something more regional, say the area around Brattleborough. This also might help you figure out the positioning around your farm.
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I hate to be a party-pooper, but whatever you choose make sure it's something that:

1. You can live with for a long time;
2. It will remain relevant if your product mix changes (i.e., "Little Goat Farm" will be hassle if all the goats get butchered off and you change to Alpaca fur);
2. It's at least somewhat business-like; and,
3. It can be visually portrayed on labels, invoices, and the like.

I'm going through a business naming process right now and have found that it really helps to let specific "final" choices float around a while (weeks) to see if they really do have staying power at least in your head. Of course, all of this is ultimately fluff when it comes to really producing/farming/selling stuff. But it's certainly one of the more fun parts of the process. Good luck!
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To add to webhund's list, check to be sure you can acquire an intuitive domain name.
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I don't have a name but a motto you could put underneath your sign :

"We may not be big, but we're small."

From author/radio personality Stuart McLean.
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Kneebiter Farm
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I know it's an in-joke, but I really like "Beanplate Farms". It has a warm, cozy feel to it that speaks to nourishment and abundance. It also has connotations of tradition (old fashioned Boston Baked Beans) and community (bean dinners). I can envision a nice logo, too -- tendrils of steam rising off a heaping plate of beans. The .com domain appears to be available, too.

See what I did there?
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Wee Farm
Vermont (or town name) Farmlette
Lilliput Farm
Invisible Farm
Barely There Farm
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There's a farm near the MD/PA border named "Small Ass Farm" so that's already been taken.
How about:

Elf Alp Farm
Tiny Tumble Acre
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Oh, and... please do let us know what you ultimately decide!
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Let's see ...

Littlebig Mountain Farm

Mightysmall Acres

Littleranch Farms

Reallysmall Ranch (or "Ranch Reallysmall" if that scans better)

Featherweight Farm (or Featherwaite Farm to add an air o' the fancy)

Twitch Acres

to add to miles1972's idea: Chilly Goats Gruff Farm

and then riffing off mikepop: Gulliver Acres

and finally:

(with a knights of the round table meets granary goodness design theme ...)
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When we named our farm we went with $NAME Farms instead of the singular. The reason we went with this was that our plan includes renting/leasing land in multiple locations instead of a single farm. It seems less likely to lead to customer confusion to claim multiple farms under a single brand than to try and explain that your farm is in multiple locations.

Also, this is a rare instance in which "brand" is an entirely appropriate word to use.
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