Help me start my car.
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Car won't start. Again. [mi]

Some time ago I had my 92 Ford Tempo towed to a shop because it wouldn't start after work. When I'd turn the key, it'd click, but not turn over. At the time, I had a friend come by, and we took off the starter and had it tested (it passed). Put it back on, still no dice. After having it repaired at the shop, they said they replaced the cables.

A week or so afterwards it did it again, but only once. Now it has done it again, and refuses to start at all.

What do you think it is? I can't really afford to take it into a shop right now, so if there's any remote possibility I could take care of this myself, I'd be really glad.

This site gives a few options for what it is, but I'm hoping someone has personal experience of something like this.
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Sounds like a starter problem. You can ussually pick up a rebuilt starter for less than a brand new one and it'll still have a warranty.
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Response by poster: One click back under the hood, and a hum for a couple of seconds.
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I assume you've checked the battery?
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That hum is almost certainly your fuel pump initializing (good thing). Probably nothing to worry about there, as trharlan said.
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Response by poster: I've tried jump-starting (well, the first time this happened, not this latest one). The battery seems to be fine. I think I'll go pick up a new starter tomorrow. I could always return it, I suppose, right, if the starter isn't the problem?
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I could always return it

Better check carefully if that's part of your plan -- some places won't take returns of electrical parts.
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One possible explanation for the "Click-HUMMMMM" is a starter that's attempting to engage the teeth on the flywheel and not hitting any. ("Click" as the starter motor pulls in to engage, "HUMMMMM" as it spins freely without engaging any teeth). Sounds to me like there could be a couple of teeth broken off the flywheel (flexplate, if it's an automatic transmission).
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I had the problem mr_crash_davis described last winter. If my starter happened to be in the right position it'd actually start though as time went on I lost more teeth until there were more dead than live spots. Replacing the starter fixed the problem.
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One other possibility not yet mentioned: a starter that slips on its mount so that the pinion gets jammed in the flywheel teeth. Or the previously mentioned bad solenoid or missing flywheel teeth. I've been lucky enough to have experienced all three. They all give the single-click-then-nothing kind of failure.
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I had a similar problem with a 1999 Neon. I took it in and it was a loose battery connection.
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Same thing happened to me. It was the battery.
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