What was this book series I read as a kid?
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Help me remember the book series I loved as a kid. I can't even remember the genre, but I think it had sci-fi elements, and the kids possibly solved mysteries. I don't remember much, but I know one of the main characters was called Watch, because he always wore multiple watches.

Other things I remember:
- Watch was slightly older than the other kids.
- There was some mystery involving Watch's family (his parents were dead? or mysteriously missing?).
- He kept one of his watches set to the wrong time - I think possibly it was set to whatever the time was where his parents were.
- There was a scene where the kids jumped into a body of water from a lighthouse (I think), to escape, and Watch told them to throw a plank in just before they jumped to break the water (or something like that), so they wouldn't get hurt when they landed.

I'm relatively certain it was a series of books, and that it was set in America (or Canada). If it helps, I'm pretty sure I got it out of the library some time in the late '90s. I would have been around 10 years old when I read these.
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Best answer: At least one spooksville story seems to have a character named Watch. I've been searching amazon for "Said watch" and searching within children's series.. Can you think of any other phrases likely to be used only if Watch is a person?
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Best answer: It is Spooksville!

I loved this series, too.

From amazon: "Adam didn't believe all the stories about Spooksville. Adam has just moved to the small town of Springville. The first day there, he meets Sally, who tells him the city's real name is Spooksville, because of the all the spooky things that go on in it. Adam doesn't believe her until they team up with Watch and go in search of the Secret Path - a magical path that leads to other Spooksvilles. Together, Adam, Sally, and Watch will take the Secret Path and pass through a dark doorway. On the other side they will find a terrifying Spooksville where there are huge spiders, living skeletons, evil black knights, and a witch who just loves to make dolls - out of kids."
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Response by poster: Man, I love metafilter. It is indeed Spooksville. I've been googling for ages with no luck - I hadn't thought to try something like "said Watch".

I guess I'll be heading to the library tomorrow to re-read these. Ah, Christopher Pike. I forgot how much I loved his books.

Thanks guys!
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