Have your kids learn how to kill people!
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A few years ago, Amnesty International (I think) ran an awareness campaign about child soldiers by putting up posters about a summer camp where they could send their kids to be tortured, molested, beaten, and taught how to use rifles. Where is it?

I remember seeing this on MeFi, and it may or may not have been Amnesty International. Either way, the website itself was a flash based site and you could look at details for the shooting range and the obstacle course and the cabins and whatnot. Apparently there were posters for this in downtown Toronto and there were a lot of outraged parents who didn't quite get that it was meant to be an awareness campaign.

I can't for the life of me remember what the camp was called, but I remember it being a really well done site. Does anyone else recall this?
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Best answer: Is this it?
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Response by poster: Theeeeere we go. Thanks a lot!
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