Build or buy a replacement cable for my headphones
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I'm planning to buy a pair of Sennheiser 497 headphones. The cable is easily removed and replaced, and as all reviews note that the cable is unwieldy for portable use, I'm looking for a shorter replacement. Googling finds no such animal. Ideas? Could I make my own with basic soldering skills?

I did find some high-quality replacement cable, but it's not any shorter than the OEM.
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You should be able to cut and solder. I'd done that with an ancient pair of 414s.
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headphone cable is normally pretty fine, but you can solder it no problem as long as you're careful. just make sure that the plugs are standard before you cut anything.
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I own a pair of 497's and use them while walking around on campus. My fix was to use a twist tie to tie up a group of loops of the cable to make the overall length enough to go from my messenger bad to my head, a few feet.

Works good and is easily undone when you want to use them at home and need more length.

Also, good choice, these are awesome phones!
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