Handfree bluetooth blackberry advice please
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Any thoughts on how to be able to have two smartphones connected to the handsfree/bluetooth set up in my car?

Hubby and I own a 2008 Toyota Camry which has bluetooth enabled handsfree connection to your mobile handset. We recently took the plunge and got Blackberries, and we're wondering how to set it up so both of our phones are registered to work in the car, and what happens when both of us are in the car at the same time. Any advice? The fine manuals for both products aren't terribly helpful.
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You should probably be looking at the manual for the car, the phones won't care one way or the other. The problem will be whether the car can have two phones paried a the same time.

It almost certainly can't have two actually connected at the same time. So if you're both in the car at the same time my guess would be whoever got there first will be able to use the system.
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your car should support 2 caller profiles- my 09 Honda does.
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Best answer: If it's anything like my '06 Prius (and I bet it is), then you can configure up to 5 phones with the car BUT, only one can be connected at a time.

What this means is that the car will "remember" the information for up to 5 phones, but it will remain connected to whichever phone it was last connected to. If you want to switch to the other phone, you will need to go into the phone system on the car (I think there's an option like "Select Phone") and choose the other phone.

This means that if your husband is connected to the car and you are also in the car, any calls to your phone will go straight to the handset, rather than to the car.

Does that make sense?

At least that's how it is on my Prius... again it could be different but I'm guessing they're the same setup.
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