Pad thai below 14th?
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Looking for a specific Thai restaurant in Lower Manhattan.

Several years ago I had a kick-ass Thai dinner at a place I recall as being on Sullivan Street. I would like to revisit the place during an upcoming trip to NYC, but my google fu is failing me.

As befits the neighbourhood, it was fairly small (maybe a dozen tables). I recall it as being south of Washington Square but north of Canal. I am 80% certain it was Sullivan and I know it was the east side of the street, but I can find nothing online. Of course, the last time I was there was 2002, so it may well be gone. Can any Manhattanite mefites advise me?
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What did the interior look like? I've been to Peep but I have no idea if it was there in 2002.
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Maybe Kittichai? It's not on Sullivan, but it's one short block over on Thompson.
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Neither one of those looks right from the photos, sorry. As I say, I recall maybe a dozen or fifteen tables (each one just big enough for four people at most). White tablecloths. Picture window facing the street with two or three tables up against it. Washrooms downstairs. Seems to me there was a large pillar in the middle of the dining room... I dunno if that helps at all.
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No idea, but have you zoomed around the neighborhood with google street view? It's helped me remember the name of restaurants before.
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Have you searched via Since you may recognize it by a photo, it might be a good way of searching. Select W. Village and then Thai food, and you'll get a listing of all Thai restaurants in that neighborhood. Most will have links to photos (at NY Mag) in their listings. Alternatively, if there was a distinctive dish you remember from the menu, Menupages might turn it up via their "find a food" search.
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What about Kin Khao?
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Was it the restaurant now called Rhong Tiam (seamless web says it was formerly "Penang Gurney Dr")? Inside doesn't quite match the description but it is on the east side of the street, below Washington Square, and by far the best thai I have found in the area.
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This is a great website called that many people use for just such a purpose - finding this or that type of restaurant. Here is a link to the Manhattan forum. Enjoy!
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