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Where in NYC can I see works by Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt on display right now?

A friend is coming into town in the next few days, and these are his two favorite artists. He has never seen their stuff in person, so I have been charged with finding a place, or places, where this can happen. I was just in the MoMA and didn't spot either artist on the walls there, so I assume my next stop should be the Met ... but does anyone know for sure where I can find some good Klimt / Schiele action, so I can avoid a fruitless blind search?
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Neue Galerie New York has both.
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Seconding Neue Galerie. They're the go-to for Austrian art.
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Response by poster: Excellent tip.
I do see that both artists are in their collection, but do not appear to be included in the current exhibition. (BR√úCKE: THE BIRTH OF EXPRESSIONISM IN DRESDEN AND BERLIN, 1905-1913.)
Does Neue Galerie have an area where selections from the permanent collection are always on display?
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There have always been Schieles and Klimts on display when I've visited the Neue Galerie. Plus, the museum always has something great on exhibit. I still remember the exhibit of *wallpaper* I went to. Also, great cafe. Have some streudel.
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Whoa I had a lengthly comment but it wasn't submitted and I closed the window by mistake. Basically -- if you search the collections of the Met and MoMA you'll find that MoMA supposedly actually has four pieces by both Schiele and Klimt _on display_ (although they warn that their database may be inaccurate), and the Met should have a Klimt in the entrance to the Modern wing. Guggenheim also has a few but it's uncertain whether they're actually on view or not.

OR rather, call the museums. They'll know. You may also wanna call Galerie St. Etienne, and maaybe this place. There are a bunch of stodgy art galleries on the UES that may have some nice pieces by Klimt & Schiele -- you may want to ask around.
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The Neue Galerie's permanent collection has works by both artists. The current exhibition is only one floor of the museum; the permanent collection takes up the rest.
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