Tell me your fantasy football experiences
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I'm not looking for how-tos, but rather books about people's experiences playing fantasy sports. Any recommendations?

I've read Mark St. Amant's Committed, which is a wonderful recount of his 2002 season, coupled with interviews of other fantasy "notables". Any recommendations for other books in the same vein? Football or baseball preferred but I'll take any recommendations.

I've read other reading recommendations that come up in the search results(no not all, yet, but most) and they seem to be how-tos and other strategy books. I'm not looking for strategy -- but experiences and/or anecdotes.

Not looking especially for blogs, but I'll take those recs too.

Thanks all!
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Best answer: You might find some cases studies in these books. Specifically, there's this book, Committed, by Mark St. Amant, which may be of interest.
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Oh, sorry. I am half asleep. I see you linked to that. hahaha
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Response by poster: That's OK, metalheart. Don't mind because I quite loved that one. It's helping me pass the time until August :) Off to check your other link.
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Best answer: This is baseball not football but check out Fantasyland by Sam Walker. It recaps the author's 2004 season playing fantasy baseball. It's largely anecdotal, but there is some discussion of the history and context of rotisserie leagues. Also, the author was a journalist and had quite a bit of access to the actual game, so there's some funny stuff about his interviewing the real-life players who are on his fantasy team and so on.
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Response by poster: Thanks, CarolO, just the kind of book I'm looking for.

Metalheart, great list too. In yours I found A Whole New Ball Game and The Elusive Fan, both of which look interesting. I haven't gone through all the results yet.
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Response by poster: In case others are looking, Why Fantasy Football Matters is another recommendation I got. Thanks all!
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