Won the war. Lost the war poet.
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Help me identity this 1910s/20s/30s British poet (from precious little information).

* Auden admired his work -- this is definite but I've lost the source and cannot be sure whether Auden ever reviewed his work.

* He's not usually ranked among the great WWI poets like Sassoon, Owen, Brooke, et al. And I cannot find him on this Wikipedia list. But I do remember reading a short Wikipedia entry devoted to him.

* And he did write about war -- before WWII, if not during WWI -- and was particularly well-known for one longish poem (or short epic) that was published as a single volume. With 80% certainty I believe its title to be a definite article followed by a multisyllabic latinate (but not too complicated) abstract noun. It was something like 'The Ambiguity.'

* First name might be David. (20% certainty here).

[Apologize for the sparse clues. As soon I read about his work I knew I was determined to track it down -- then neglected to bookmark or jot down the actual info. So this riddle is really a passionate query.]
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David Jones.
posted by munchingzombie at 5:05 PM on February 14, 2009

Yeah, David Jones. Putting the words "david war poet" into google would have saved you wasting a question.
posted by fire&wings at 5:10 PM on February 14, 2009

Was too unsure of 'David' so went the surer route. Am assured, grateful.
posted by taramosalata at 5:14 PM on February 14, 2009

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