Lightweight wireless headphones for television
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Any recommendations for lightweight wireless headphones for television listening?

I live in an apartment with extraordinarily paper-thin walls, and have been using a pair of Sennheiser TR120s for the past couple years... to much satisfaction. Unfortunately, they're a little bit heavy, and I think I'm starting to develop neck problems from using them. So, I'm on the lookout for something lighter.

I don't necessarily need audiophile quality here, but, it is always a balance. I do like to wander around, do chores, etc while 'watching', so wireless is definitely essential here. Style, though, is unimportant.

Any suggestions? You know, other than cutting out all that horrible TV?
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I recommend Sennheiser RS-85 Wireless Headphones -- light weight and comfortable.
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I use TV Ears

Hard to beat them.
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My wife runs 20-30 miles a day on an elliptical machine wearing Sennheiser RS-120 headphones. They look heavy but they are quite light and she hasn't been bothered by them at all. They are also extremely comfortable with great audio. I was surprised by how good the bass sounded in them. The range on them is incredible too. You can walk around our entire yard without signal loss and they are powerful enough to pick up my neighbors 900Mhz band cordless phone which has to be at least 400-600 feet or so away.
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