Where to find MP3 file for Seabiscuit & War Admiral, 1938?
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Any clue where I might find a downloadable MP3 recording of the live radio broadcast of the 1938 match race when Seabiscuit took on and beat War Admiral? Thanks.
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If this Quicktime audio (.mov) clip is what you're looking for, it'd be simple to convert it to MP3.
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For additional reference, here's a transcript of prinado's link from the "American Experience" website.

You asked for the radio broadcast, but as an aside: If you're interested, you can also watch/download film footage of the race online -- it's part of a newsreel dated Nov. 2, 1938 (the day after the Pimlico race) available at the Internet Archive. The coverage begins at time mark 1:07 (at least in the embedded player). There's no narration and sometimes the background crowd noise drops out, but you might find it an interesting supplement. There's also a few quick moments of an uncomfortable-looking Sam Riddle (owner of War Admiral), a smiling Charles Howard (owner of Seabiscuit), and the awarding of the trophy.
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Thanks to both of you, I really appreciate it!
On the quicktime audio, any hints on how to convert it to an MP3? I couldn't find any commands on the site.
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Audacity version 1.3.3 or higher on Mac (it's free) can import .mov files and export them to .mp3 using LAME. If you're on a PC... sorry.
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Thanks, The Michael The. I downloaded Audacity (I"m a Mac guy) but I'm floundering (tech-enough, can usually figure stuff out, but not this time) through FAQs et cetera trying to figure out how to get the .mov file off the site and them importing it to .mp3. Can you please explain how Audacity works and I can try to figure the importing bit out? Better yet, how Audacity works and how to export it to .mp3 using LAME. Thanks, again....
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Assuming you have Audacity installed already...

1. Download the .mov file (to your Downloads folder, or Desktop, or whatever).

2. Download LAME.

3. Double-click the LAME .dmg file to mount it. When it mounts, open it as you would a folder, double click the "Lame Library v3.98.2 for Audacity on OSX.pkg" file, and follow the prompts to install.

4. In Audacity, choose File > Import > Audio... and select the .mov file from wherever you downloaded it. The .mov file will be imported into Audacity. You'll see the wave forms open in Audacity.

5. Once the .mov file imports, choose File > Export, and hit "OK". Then choose a location to save the exported .mp3, and in the file type dropdown, select "MP3 Files". It should ask you where "libmp3lame.dylib" is located; this is the LAME library. If you installed it correctly, it's located in "/usr/local/lib/audacity". Once you select it, the file should export as .mp3 where you selected to save it.
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