Jackets for Tall Guys Please
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How do I find a warm jacket to fit me, a tall and skinny 21-year-old male?

I've always had a lot of trouble finding jackets that fit my form. I'm tall with a long back and long arms, and when looking for coats and jackets anything that fits my torso (ie. is 'skinny' enough) won't be long enough for my torso or my arms, and anything that is long enough for my torso and arms, I feel like I'm swimming in.

I'm not really a fan of long jackets or 'pea coats' and usually look for something more along the lines of a bomber style. No leather though please.

I really liked the look of the jackets H&M had recently - bomber-ish style with lots of pockets. The problem was that I couldn't find one the fit my long back and long arms. Any ideas where I could find something like that, except for a taller guy?
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Oh, and in case it matters, I'm in Toronto, Canada.
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well, it would help if you told us exactly how tall and long you are. What's your height/weight? What's the length of your arms?
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Sure. I'm about 6'2" and 150lbs. My arms are about 22 inches (armpit to wrist).
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ooof. you are skinny!

I think your best bet is going to be trolling for Gap, Banana Republic, and JCrew Medium Tall Jackets.

BR Medium Tall Jackets

Gap Medium Tall Jackets
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REIs name brand small mens jackets are built very tall and skinny. I'm a woman a couple inches shorter than you and the same weight and they fit me perfect. Best fit I've ever had. You're in Canada but maybe you can order online.
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You need to look for tall sizes. I was going to recommend Burlington Coat Factory, they have racks and racks of coats to try on. I'm 6'4", as is my brother. He's the skinny one at 165, I've got about a hundred pounds on him. We both found great coats in tall sizes that fit us perfectly there. He's a XLT I'm a XXLT. Surely there must be something like that in the Toronto area. If not, your size is probably an LT, maybe XLT for online shopping.
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Hi, I'm 6'4", 155 lbs. :)

My big problem with fit is my arms. I usually wear a plain old size L but I look for details in coats which help keep the cuffs where I want them. The satin lining in dressy coats is nice because it lets the sleeves stay slid all the way down -- unlined fleece or wool will ride up my arms when I stretch, giving me the classic high water look. In outdoor weather shell type coats I look for good velcro on the cuffs to help tighten them around my wrists/gloves and a good waist skirt to keep drafts out.

I don't find I like coats with an actual slim torso like an M tall because when I want to layer for serious cold, the slim fit becomes way too tight around the chest and shoulders.
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land's end has men's medium tall sizes which are slimmer than a typical large size, and longer...my husband weighs a little more than you but is about your height and finds a lot of land's end shirts, pants, and jackets that might work for you. Sleeves and body lengths are long enough, the medium tall sizes are cut slimmer than large or tall sizes typically are. You can get your jeans hemmed to the length you want, up to 36 inches in length, as well as odd waist sizes like 33, and 35'. Quality is good and they will take anything back, anytime, for any reason for as long as you own it.
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I'm going to do that annoying thing where I provide an answer you specifically didn't ask for - I'm a tallish (6-foot) and quite skinny (140lb) guy; I was never happy with any jacket I tried - especially any that was both remotely affordable and attractive - until I went to long ones; at Express I found that a "small" that goes to my knees and is sized perfectly for my torso and arms. I suspect it's meant as a slightly longer coat for a shorter person, but I really don't care; it looks 'correct' on me. Small-tall (if you can find such a creature) and medium-tall are your best bet if you're set on a waist-length option.
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Order a Cold Fusion softshell from Beyond Clothing, who custom-make each jacket based on your measurements. You'll pay a premium for it (base prices are $199-$299, plus fees for extra optional features), but it'll fit you better than any off-the-rack jacket and last you for a decade at least. I have two friends who have Beyond softshells that are 1. awesome, 2. several years old, and 3. showing no signs of wearing out anytime soon.
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Go to Mr. Big and Tall in Oakville or Scarborough.

You may not have heard of them because they don't have a location in metro Toronto.
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I can't imagine a 21 year old guy wanting to wear anything from Land's End, but maybe some of the coats will work for you.

Be warned, the smallest size at Mr. Big and Tall, as well as most big and tall stores, is a 36 inch waist. It depends on how you're built, of course, but I doubt your waist it that large. My husband is 6'4" and about 180 and he wears a Tall Medium (33" waist.)

We've had some good luck finding clothes for him on-line at Banana Republic, and oddly, Buckle because their stuff seems to have a longer cut.
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I'm the same dimensions and have also had good luck with men's smalls from REI too.
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You didn't mention price, but you can always get something custom made. Lots of smaller motorcycle jacket manufacturers custom make jackets. Vanson is the company I am most familiar with, but there are plenty of others. IIRC Vanson's prices are the same for custom jackets as they are for off the shelf ones. They just take longer to get.

Most of the companies will primarily deal with leather jackets, but some, like Vanson, will have options in textile.
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I'm 6'1", 150-ish and Banana Republic M/T fits me quite well.
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I'm 6'6" and 170 lbs, 36-37" arm length....I have a horrible time finding things, what Ive recently done for work shirts is to buy a much larger one that fits my arm length and have it tailored to fit...that would be much harder with jackets though..
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