Please help me put the ramblings of some mentally ill netizen into some context
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Anyone got any idea what this is about?
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mental illness, I'd say
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"Would you believe that in September 2003 the British government was effectively overthrown by one person using an old computer printer and some office stationery? This is the big British secret that's been increasingly difficult to contain, and now it's being blown wide open!

...It's no use people telling themselves 'He has to be mad because if he isn't, it's the end of life as we know it'. That's like the scientific establishment saying 'The occult and paranormal has to be nonsense, because if it isn't, that's all of us and two hundred years of established scientific thinking down the drain'. So what if the drain's blocked with them all? I'm no fruitcake."

The web is flooded with sad, delusional people like this...not sure what your question is about.
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It would be about schizophrenia. There's at least one other person in the UK who has a big web and Usenet presence with his laments about how he's being victimized by MI5.

And of course, there's always Wayne Manzo.

I strongly recommend the recent book The Air Loom Gang, by Mike Jay, about the first person documented in the English-speaking world with the delusion of being under the mechanical control of secret government entities (in this case, a giant loom under the British Houses of Parliament operated at the whim of Prime Minister William Pitt).
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About 100,000 words too long.
Thanks for the book recommendation
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