What are the best delis in Boston?
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What are the best delis in Boston?

I am looking for tips on good delis in Boston. Not full-scale restaurants mind you, but the sort of places that don't have waiters and serve you at the counter. I am obviously looking for a place with high quality fare and not just something to grab on the go and forget about. (Note: By Boston I mostly mean the city core which would exclude Allston, Brighton, and Jamaica Plain, unless of course there is a really great deli there that would merit special consideration.)
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Bovas in the North End is a pretty good deli/bakery, and they're open at insanely late hours to boot.
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Not exactly a "deli," but Bottega Florentina on Newbury St. is absolutely amazing. It's tiny, Italian, take-in or eat out, cheap, and oh, AMAZING. It's very deli-esque with just a few tables and a counter where you can see the meats and cheeses and such.

Great sandwiches.
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Darwin's in Cambridge, two locations.
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There is a great website called Chowhound.com which exists for that very purpose - finding the best "whatever" restaurant in "whatever" town... The Boston forum is here...
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There's a deli right across from the Park Street T (red/ green line) called "Lambert's Marketplace on the Common" (140 Tremont Street). It's got really amazing sandwiches, lots of fruit, a small bakery, and other snacky things. There are a few tables available, or you can always find a seat in the Commons. Also... if you show your charlie card you get 10% off of $10 or more. It can get a bit packed at lunch, but don't let the line scare you-- it goes pretty quickly.

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S&S in inman square or Michael's in Coolidge Corner or even Barry's in Newton
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Seconding Chowhound suggestion, but while I'm here.

Sam LaGrassas near Park St. Has two entrances - one for take-out and one for tables but not exactly what you've described. Lunch hours only.

What you really want is probably Michaels but it's in Brookline. Rubin's is also in Brookline and has both full table sevice and a takeout counter.
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You need the All star sandwich bar just across the river in Cambridge. Highly recommend the Thanksgiving Special, but no disappointments have come out of their yet.

Also, big seconds for S&S and Bovas. Bovas has really nice calzones.
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Seconding Darwin's. Also not exactly a deli, and not quite in Boston, but Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge is awesome so I'm going to mention it anyway.
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Not right in Boston but i have heard great things about Eagles Deli.
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Eagles Deli isn't really a deli so much as a place you can get a big honest hamburger and some food service type fries.
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J. Pace's, very old, very good Italian deli with locations in the North End and Downtown Crossing (also Saugus, which is north).
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