How do I organize certain sent mails?
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In Gmail, is it possible to create a label for certain emails, and then filter out only the sent mail to those addresses?

For example, I receive email from an employer and I created a label and then a filter to put all those incoming mails under that label. But that only applies to incoming mail. I want a label that has all of my emails to this employer (especially emails with attachments). If there's a way to do this, I haven't found it yet. Anyone?
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Best answer: You can just make a filter that has your employer's email in the To line instead of the from line and you can optionally include "has attachment" I do this with work email all the time. Is this not working for you for some reason?
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Response by poster: Thanks, jessamyn. For my incoming label filters I could just put in keywords, but with this I had to go and dig for the email addys. Got it!
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So, to be more specific...

- click settings
- click filters
- click "create a new filter"
- type boss's email address in the To: field
- click "has attachment" box
- click "next step"
- click "apply the label" and then choose a label or create a new one
- click "create filter"

That should do it.
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I don't think a filter will work for sent messages, but a search will:

"in:sent label:work"

Then you can manually add a label like "worksent" to them...
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