Does anyone watch FX's show "Damages"? If so, who WAS that guy...?
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On the February 11th episode of FX's show "Damages", I saw an actor in a small part, who I know from another show, but I'll be damned if I can remember him, and I missed the credits!

In the scene where Ellen returns to the apartment she shared with her fiance before his murder, a neighbor walks into the apartment to hand Ellen a gift that had arrived in the mail.

The actor who played this part looks terribly familiar, and I just cannot find any information online as to who it was. I'm sure that when I find out who he was, I'll slap myself on the forehead and go "of course!", but for now, I am drawing a total blank...

Help me relieve this mental indigestion, mefites, please!!
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I, too, recognized the actor. BTW -- to help in searching he introduced himself as the "President of the coop board."
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I found this online:
"Creepy President of Coop Board is back! Remember, he was in Patti's pocket last season. He delivers the package from David. What's in the box?"
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nitsuj : Those are not the full credits... first place I checked was IMDb! I was certain I'd find the answer there, but noooooooooooo!!

And yes, ericb, he was the President of the Co-op Board...
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Sorry, I mistook "Full cast and crew" for a list of the, um, full cast and crew.

Is it Damian Young? (photo)

(never seen the show, but found a thread where people were talking about another unknown in the same episode.)
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Hmm, what about Edward Herrmann? I found this (first result):

"It helped that Edward Herrmann was the co-op board president..."
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(If it's Edward Herrman, you probably recognize him as Lorelai's father from Gilmore Girls.)
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I saw the episode and I believe it was Damian Young. It definitely wasn't Herrman.
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Yes! Damian Young it is!! I am off to check his credits, and find out where I know him from!!! THANKS!
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Ok, folks, I got it now...I recognize Damian Young from the show "The Comeback", back in 2007 on HBO. He played Lisa Kudrow's character's hubby on the show.


Thanks folks!!
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He also played Bill in season 1 of Showtime's Californication
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