Help me buy a foam mattress on a budget
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How can I find the best foam mattress on a limited (<$400) budget?

I'm in the market for an inexpensive mattress--$400 is about my upper limit, but I'd be happy if I could find something workable for less. The extra money could go toward a fancy mattress topper.

Ideally I'd like to get a foam mattress--not memory foam, just plain old foam--but I'm having a lot of difficulty figuring out how to comparison shop effectively. I went to a local foam supplier, and they offered to sell me a full-XL-mattress-sized slab of foam for $330; they tell me foam of that particular grade will last 5-7 years. But then I find something like this foam-based futon mattress that seems like a much fancier product for a similar price. Is it really a better buy? Are there other places where a basic polyurethane foam mattress can be had for less? How can I figure out which mattresses are worth the money?
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Best answer: IKEA foam mattresses get a decent grade. offsite thread
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these people seem to have decent prices... depending on what you want to spend they have foam rated from 5 to 15 years... if you are interested in making your own mattress you can try a thin layer of latex on top of firm foam
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Also recommending the Ikea. I got a mid-priced twin for my son, and it's still pretty comfortable and in good shape after 4 years. I don't remember which one, maybe the Murbo?
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If you're really in Seattle, did you try the Friendly Foam Shop? They're pretty cheap and, yes, friendly.
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Response by poster: corpse in the library, they're the ones who gave me that estimate. :) Getting a lower grade of foam would shave $50-90 off that estimate, I think, but I don't know if it's worth it.
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dunno if they still sell it, but I got a great foam mattress from Costco three years ago -- came vacuum-packed in a rolling case. $500 for a queen. Note, with a good foam mattress you don't need a topper since that defeats the purpose.
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Response by poster: Looks as though Ikea is having a special on mattresses right now, so I'll probably be going with that. Thanks for all the excellent answers!
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Response by poster: Went with the Ikea mattress (the cheapest latex model, Sultan Eidsvoll.) It's quite comfortable, particularly compared to sleeping on the floor as I'd been doing previously. Thanks, AskMe!
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