Shows by Sale Date?
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List of concerts/shows by date tickets go on sale?

Wondering if there's a website (or other resource) that lists concerts by the date their tickets go on sale. I imagine they might not want to do this because it attracts scalpers, but I always seem to find out about concerts (big ones that sell out) way too late to get tickets for anything close to face value.

Does this exist?
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Response by poster: Wow really?
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Aside from a website (of which I know of none), some ways that may help you find out about shows ahead of time:

1. Visit ticketmaster,, live nation, etc. They often send out emails announcing when tickets for shows are going on sale.

2. See if your favorite club has a website and/or an email list you can join. They usually announce new shows and secret/advance sales of tickets.

3. Go to Pollstar and search by city, venue, or artists to see if what shows are scheduled. A lot of times the tour dates are announced in advance of ticket sales; that way, you can get a heads up and call the venue and see when tickets go on sale.
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Not sure of your location or preferred music genre, but in the LA area the modern rock station KROQ has a free "Street Team" mailing list that regularly announces presales and passwords. Maybe your local radio station has something similar. Also many bands have their own mailing lists/twitters that announce new shows.

Also, check out music blogs like or (if you like indie-ish rock) who regularly aggregate new tour announcements and such.
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My buddy runs Scourlist. I bet it's exactly what you're looking for...
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