Home network betwee XP and ME
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How can I set up a small home network between an XP machine and an ME machine? [MI]

I'm currently trying to download the World of Warcraft Open Beta client (2.5 gig torrent) for my girlfriend and myself onto two computers. I was getting supremely shitty speeds when both machines were attempting to download, so now I have the XP machine downloading it (it was getting better speeds), and figured I'd just share the folder to the other computer through the network to the ME machine once it finishes downloading. I have no idea how to set that up, though. Can anyone help?
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I never used ME, but basically: On the XP machine, right-click on the folder you want to share, go to Properties, then Sharing, then Share this Folder. On the ME machine, go to Network Neighborhood, and the share should just show up.

If the share doesn't show up for whatever reason, you can specify it manually with the IP number and the share name, as \x.x.x.x\sharename.
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I'm assuming you have a DSL/cable router connected to a modem. If so, Me and XP should both have near-automatic networking. XP has a "shared documents" folder automatically installed on setup, and a few right-clicks should bring up the options to share a folder.

That said, what's this about being able to join the WOW Beta?
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Well, XQUZYPHYR, I've been in the closed beta for WoW since July. They're just about to start the Open Beta in about a week or so. Members of the Closed Beta and subscribers tol FilePlanet, however, get a week head-start on the general public to download the client and play. If you keep your eye on either worldofwarcraft.com or fileplanet.com, you should see a notice about signing up for the open beta next week.

And you should, because the game RULES.
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(pees pants)
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This isn't even my kind of game (WoW) and I'm hooked. Can't say that I'll actually buy the game when it comes out, because, you know, I have to have some semblance of a life.
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Good luck. I was never able to do it, nor were many people I know. ME is sick.
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Good luck is right. I believe the process is create a "home network" on your XP machine, an option within the network menu from the start menu, during which the wizard will give you an option to create a network setup disk for your ME machine, which you should do. Then use that to get your ME machine communicating with the XP machine. As rushmc said, it is not the straightforward process like networking XP to XP or older windows to older windows.
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