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I would like to build a house . . . just for fun . . . on paper or online.

I can't make my dreams a reality, so I thought I'd at least have some fun with the ideas bouncing around in my head. Is there a website or program (free!) that I could use to create my dream house?
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Google's SketchUp perhaps
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Seconding Sketchup. It's incredibly intuitive, even if you have no experience with 3D design programs. I used it for an assignment in computer class a few years ago, and built a reasonably complex model in just a few sessions. It has doubtless only improved in its capabilities since then.

One caveat is that it's not explicitly meant for home design, and doesn't come with many of the tools and templates more focused programs offer. So it's great if you want to play around with unusual architecture, less so if you want to try out different types of furniture or model crown molding or do some virtual landscaping.
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a lot of people find it really, really fun to build houses in The Sims 2. It will set you back around $30 though. some examples here:
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Best answer: FloorPlanner
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Try - it lets you create room plans, and furnish them. I spent some time playing with it a couple of weeks ago (prior to writing an article about it) and it's fairly powerful, easy to use, and good fun.
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