"I Voted!"
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Any place have the web equivalent of those "I Voted" stickers?
posted by smackfu to Society & Culture (8 answers total)
I hadn't seen one, so I just whipped one of the small badget style stickers up using the Button Maker.

posted by Remy at 6:41 AM on November 2, 2004

You're welcome.
posted by gimonca at 7:24 AM on November 2, 2004

I picked up this one:

From the sos_usa livejournal community
posted by Karmakaze at 7:46 AM on November 2, 2004

Best answer: I Voted
posted by brownpau at 7:53 AM on November 2, 2004

Response by poster: All great! brownpau's is especially perfect, because it matches the real one I have.
posted by smackfu at 8:03 AM on November 2, 2004

posted by gi_wrighty at 8:30 AM on November 2, 2004

Here's one.

posted by Juicylicious at 9:24 AM on November 2, 2004

Juicylicious: Awesome
posted by Utilitaritron at 2:54 PM on November 2, 2004

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