too much music! I don't know where to start!
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Is there an efficient way to find upcoming music events in the greater Boston area? The Phoenix's website is totally retarded, and there seem to be way to many venues to make searching one at a time worthwhile. I'd also like to be able to weed out 'led zep cover band with standing gig at Irish pub' type things and look only for unique events- mostly in the alt-rock/pop genre. Thank you, Bostonians!
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Best answer: WZBC Concert Report
WMBR Rock Concert Report
WMBR Experimental Concert Report
Under 21 in Boston
Last.FM Events

I would recommend Yahoo's Upcoming, but it looks like Boston has totally stopped using except for me and 2 other people, and it's really slow.
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Best answer: I used to rely on and just browse through pages and pages of music events - time consuming, but it usually covered all the main venues.

Now I usually check out the events listing on you can change location based on where you are, and even though it's a wiki it's usually pretty accurate. it's also great for finding smaller house shows in allston or on college campuses that you might not normally hear about. if you have an account it's also extremely useful to keep track of shows you're going to and see what's coming up.
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Just use that iTunes thingy.
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Also, check The Noise Board. One of the best music communities in the universe, IMHO.
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When I lived in Boston, I used Pollstar though it was sometimes too broad/mainstream.
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Sonic Living
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Response by poster: thanks guys! if anyone needs me on march 3, I'll be seeing Fountains of Wayne at the Iron horse!
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I think they're playing on March 1st (with the Everyday Visuals opening for them - they're amazing). Also, Iron Horse isn't in the Boston area; it's in Northhampton.
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What? You people... fssh! The Noise? Pollstar?... NO.

TourFilter & The 'Nac & BIB

I miss the ol' bean... Stupid Portland is boring...

(on preview the 'Nac is down... hopefully that's temporary... great blog all about live shows in Boston)
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If you use iTunes or Winamp or Songbird or a handful of other MP3 softwares to listen to music, you can set it up to send what you listen to to You can then get event recommendations (and an RSS feed of them). I've been subscribed to my own recommendations for at least the last year or so, and it's great. I tend to get notices about concerts at least a few days before tickets even go on sale, so for the popular shows I'm able to jump in and buy tickets while they're still available. And the recommendations area is pretty wide, so I get notices about Worcester/Manchester/Providence shows, too.
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