Where can I get a blood test to discover my full phenotype?
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Where can I get a blood test to discover my full phenotype?

I would like to discover more information about my blood, including not just what type I am, but what types of antigens I have in my blood and which subgroups it fits in to. Where can I get such a report produced?
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Call your local Blood Bank, or your doctor for that matter. They can direct you better than we can.
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You might need to do it piecemeal. I did the Eldoncard Blood Typing Kit from Craig Medical. That tested for a few of the antigens and then I had to compare the results to a chart to see which I was. They've got a number of such kits including allergies (mail in), prostate cancer, glucose levels, a couple cholesterol tests, etc. Full list here.

If you do these, make sure you get two of the blood type tests for yourself and do that one first. You've really got to get your finger bleeding for them so I messed up the first one.
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It sounds like HLA typing is what you're thinking of (as opposed to phenotype).

A potential free way of doing this is to sign up as an organ transplant donor (or bone marrow transplant donor). They'll work you up from a blood sample (they can do a blood type test and also use PCR to determine your HLA).
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Maybe poke around and see who in your area is doing genetic research and needs controls. But check carefully - not all research projects that do genetic analysis on your blood will actually give you the results. Ask up front if that's the main reason you're interested.
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