What are some good books on the history of Earth's climate?
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I'm looking into global climate history. Is there a particularly good overview for this?

I'm a layman interested in climate change in the Earth's history - not just within a human timeframe, but reaching back as far as the term "climate" can reasonably be applied.
I'm looking for books - although if you know documentaries or websites that deal with this I'd be glad for that info as well - including both those which give a good overview of Earth's climatic history and those which specialize in specific eras. Accessibility to someone without a Ph.D. in the field would also be a plus.
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It's been a while since I read it, but I believe The Weather Makers is what you may be looking for.
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A Green History of the World would be a decent starting point for the human-history-scale part.
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Seconding The Weather Makers.
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