Movie review podcast from a woman's perspective
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Recommend a film review podcast from the ladies' perspective.

I am a huge fan of Filmspotting. I adore Matty and Adam but I need another podcast to balance out my listening.

Please share with me some great film review podcasts done from a woman's perspective. I don't mean a podcast that solely reviews fluffy co-called chick flicks movies. Just something smart and fun that brings a slightly different view to the subject. Any ideas?
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So weird! I was flipping through my Cinefamily calendar just this morning and noticed this ad for Popcorn Mafia. No idea how good it is, but there's one to check out (as I'm planning to do).
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Response by poster: Oooh - I'll check that out. Thanks!
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Self link here, but the podcast Now Playing found at does have a female host on most all of the shows.
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