Help me pick a hairstyle!
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How should I style my hair? 18 year old male with a huge forehead and thick hair...

So I'm tired of my current hairstyle that I've had for the past 4 years. Problem is my face isn't all that pretty and I need a haircut that doesn't look bad with my gigantic head or forehead. I'm willing to do anything but a crew cut.

-hip, yet professional (internship this summer with Chevron)
-no styling other than some product and combing

Here are some pictures of me currently: link -- normally I get it cut about 3/4" shorter than that and thin it out. I need a haircut, hence this question.
The first pic (03.jpg) is a style I'm considering. Thoughts?

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My recommendation would be to take the bangs in the front even longer and then have the back nicely shaped and cleaned up.

I think this would work, or this.
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Thanks those look good. Only problem i might have with the first one is that my hair tends to flip out on the sides. I doubt I could get it to stay straight like that.
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I concur. Clean up the back and leave the front as-currently-is, even if you consider it a bit long.
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Seconding MsMolly's excellent Chace Crawford pick. If you decide to take it to a stylist, here's another angle.
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Agreeing with cobaltnine. I think that would look sharp and professional but not stodgy.
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I thought of this.
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haha . . . before even looking at your pics or the other responses, I was picturing the exact same thing as everyone else said.

my boyfriend has a similar thing going on with his hair, and i always tell him the same thing: Long in front is totally fine so long as you keep the BACK CLEAN!! i think i even showed him a picture of Chace Crawford to make my point. I'm gonna go back and favorite you just for that . . .

but yes, take the advice of what i presume is a bunch of ladies (?) that long-in-front, short-in-back is a good style. especially if you're 18 and trying to impress the same kinda ladies who think Nate Archibald is hot. I mean, uh, Chace Crawford. I'm not a 25 year old who watches Gossip Girl . . .
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Do not be afraid of the flat iron. It really takes no more than 5 minutes once you know what you're doing and you will no longer have to worry about the hair on the sides flipping out.
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