How can I use the Tab key to move within a table?
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What plugin/hack can I use to give me a specific functionality in Wordpress? I want to be able to use the Tab key to navigate within/alter a table while creating a post.

Up until recently, I was using the FCKeditor plugin to give me the desired functionality. However, it no longer works. I've tried upgrading/downgrading the plugin, different browsers, etc. I *think* the problem might have been caused by the recent upgrade to Wordpress 2.7.1.

Previously, I could use the Tab key to move between cells in a table, and add another row when the "final" cell was reached. Presently, when the Tab key is pressed, it behaves like it would in the rest of the browser - moving to the File menu, the address bar, etc.

So, I'm looking for some kind of solution to the problem, be it a plugin, some method of altering FCKeditor, or some other hack. I'm open to suggestions. Sadly, TinyMCE doesn't have the required functionality.
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Not too sure on this, but you might have luck with an external program and the Firefox plugin It's All Text. I use it with Textmate all the time, but there might be a way to use it with some software that does allow the tabbing.
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Have you tried this in other browsers? Are you sure this isn't a result of browser behavior vs. web application (that is, have you changed/upgraded your browser recently)? Testing this would at least help to confirm the problem...
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Response by poster: I've tried it in Firefox 2, Firefox 3 and IE 6 (yes, I know...) on one computer, and in IE 7 on another. They all display the same behaviour.

None of the browsers have been upgraded (I have two copies of Firefox with different profiles). I know for a fact that no upgrades have been performed in Firefox 2, which is what I was using previously, and it had the functionality.
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Hmm...okay, so sounds pretty conclusively like you've ruled that (browser issues) out. I had to suggest it since I've seen different tabbing behavior in different browsers.

Lessee...a quick poke around Google yields this. Maybe that's helpful, maybe not. Have you tried posting on their bug tracker/forum/list/whatever?

Are you using this? Or installing FCKeditor yourself somehow?

Now I'm really curious what your issue is myself. As if I don't do this kind of shit enough at work... ;)
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