No more anal leakage?
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Does anyone know if Frito-Lay is phasing out its Light line of snacks made with Olestra instead of oil? My local store seems not to have had them restocked since before Super Bowl sunday, and F-Ls website no longer has any info on them. If true does this leave Pringles as the only snack product left using Olestra? What is Im'a do?
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Looks like, if it isn't going away, sales of it will be dropping sharply. The stores may just not be stocking it as much due to decreased demand.

"The consumer has spoken"
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routergirl's link was to a story that was a decade old - it might not be applicable to the question anymore. However, I have nothing more to offer.
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Ooops, you're right. I read the wrong date. Still haven't found any signs of "Olestra sales rejuvenated!"
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" is the online authority for information about Olean brand olestra. Olean is the no-fat cooking oil, shortening, and butter substitute with the full-fat flavor." Perhaps you can find products via that website?
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On the Frito-Lay site, they still have information on them. It's just underneath the individual product name. Ruffles Light is listed under Ruffles, etc.

(ok, I'm only see it for Ruffles, will Ruffles and Pringles be enough?)
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I hope so. I would be lost without Ruffles Light.
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We don't have olestra foods here. How does the taste compare to full fat products?
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The taste? Seemed okay when I tried it, but it left a waxy coating on my teeth. Not my thing.

Also the whole "anal leakage" issue was something I was wary of.
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To follow up, I asked the Frito-Lay guy wgo was in the store stocking about the Ruffles Light Cheddar and Sour Cream (which was the kind I liked) and he said they were disco'd.
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A bit late, but I remembered this question the last time I was at the grocery store, and checked to see if they still had Olestrafied chips, and they did.
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