Fixing hairy ears
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GettingOldFilter: Hair has just started growing on my outermost earlobes. What was once peachfuzz is now growing longer and more irregular. For some reason I always thought the hair grew out your ear canal. What's a good razor or alternate method to keep this trimmed?
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FFS - don't shave it!

Number one, nick that skin & you;'ll bleed till a week next Sunday. Number 2, that stuff'll grow back thicker & wirier than the cables squirming out of your PC.

Snip, baby, snip. Take it from one who knows - maybe I'd consider a hygienic clippers, if I was sure it wouldn't encourage growth, but for now I just use a small pair of bathroom scissors. Maybe once a week. O, alright, weekly. Them beautiful Irish genes coming back to haunt me, sadly.
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pluck or snip. plucking hurts but really gets rid of them.
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I think snipping might be hard, plucking is more accurate and easier.
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Get one of those battery powerd nose/ear hair trimmers. They work just fine. Of course mine uses a lot of gas, but still....
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Not sure why this was an anonymous question, but whatever : I'll add that the hair will start growing out of your earholes too, in time. Joy!
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She who loves me plucks me. I know this will sound odd but it's a wonderfully intimate time for us. Plucking hurts but its effective.
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