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Can anyone recommend a video-hosting platform for small business?

I have a client who wants to make available a 10-minute video to select individuals who have been duly NDA'd and so forth. In addition to hosting it in the client's own Web space, I am wondering whether there are services dedicated to hosting and service streaming video for small-to-medium enterprise. I know about Google Video for Business. Is there anything else along these lines you've had a good experience with?
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Best answer: I'm the webmaster for a small publishing company. We have a custom video player that we had a flash developer make for us, and we host the video files themselves on Amazon's S3. It's very affordable and seems to be working out well.
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Best answer: Vimeo's not strictly for businesses, but it does come across as a lot more professional than YouTube.
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Best answer: It's a bit expensive to run and the documentation sucks, but work for a small business that uses Panda for video hosting via Amazon Web Services and are pretty happy with it.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone. I knew MeFi would hope me.
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Best answer: Brightcove.
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Best answer: Viddler also has a no-ads option for businesses.
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Have you checked out
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