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Is there any way to extract the URL of a shared calendar from Google Calendar?

I have a bunch of shared calendars to which I have subscribed in Google Calendar. I would really like to transfer these subscriptions to a different calendar program, but I can't figure out how to get the URLs that Google uses to refresh them. I know they were iCalendar files to begin with, so these must exist somewhere. Does Google even let me figure it out?
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Best answer: If you go to Settings | Calendars you should be able to see the subscribed calendar listed under "Other Calendars". If you click on the one you want to move, you'll see a listing including "Calendar Address" in XML, ICAL, and HTML formats.
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Best answer: In the "Other Calendars" sidebar box, click the down-arrow, then "calendar settings". For calendars you linked (manually) from a URL, there will be a "URL" item listed in the settings. The Google calendars and calendars you found in Google's calendar "library" (or whatever) do not have the same URL accessible, but as dhartung says, the xml/ical/html buttons give you links to allow you to syndicate those public calendars.
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Response by poster: Oops, turns out the calendars I was looking at were Google Calendars originally anyway.
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