Stranded in middle America, need to go somewhere for Spring Break.
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Friend and I are looking to go somewhere for Spring Break. Anywhere within about, say, 700 miles of Little Rock, Arkansas. Ideas?

Things that don't interest us:

-Booze/nightclubs/bars/party scene/etc.
-Spending tons of money.

Traditional location is ok, but nontraditional is even better. We're driving, so 700-800 miles is good (give or take a bit).

Things that would be ideal: Warm (not at all necessary, but nice), pedestrian-friendly, museums and other such cultural attractions, outdoor stuff (hiking, for example). Good restaurants, of course.

Ideally it would be a place where we could spend a good 5-ish days doing stuff (things close by is also fine). The more free/cheap stuff the better. (We don't have a ton to spare. Some, but not a ton.)

Any ideas, or am I in lala land?

PS - My emphasis on non-tradition locations doesn't mean I'm opposed to the standard thing--it's just that most places (San Diego, Florida) are way too far away.
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Asheville, NC?
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Dude. New Orleans. They need your tourist dollars, plus it's pretty much the most interesting American city I've ever been to. (I don't mean the booze part, although that was great too.)

Also, you could easily make it to Pensacola, FL within your 700-mile limit. I mean, if you want to go to the beach.

Here's an off-the-wall suggestion: Houston, TX. Stay in the arty, funky, walkable Montrose neighborhood. Go to the Menil Museum. Eat great Mexican (and Vietnamese) food.
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Austin has a lot of fun stuff to do, and there are a ton of good places to camp nearby. If you're looking for cheap, there's a state park called McKinney Falls that is literally 15 minutes from downtown. You can set up camp, head into the city all day, then come back to camp at night. At 10-15 bucks per night, it beats the hell out of a hotel.
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New Orleans. I've never been there, but none of my friends who have been there have reported anything but an awesome time.
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New Orleans or Austin. Or you can drive through southern Mississippi and tour blues clubs.

Don't rule out Hot Springs, either.
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pensacola, fl -- i went on there on spring break with a group of friends two years ago and had a blast. we used to rent a house right on the beach. i think we all spent $400 for the whole trip (including gas for our 14 hr drive).

if you go, definitely hike out to the fort on the far west end of the island.
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I'd also recommend Asheville, NC. Lots of stuff to do and see there. On the way, you could stop in Memphis, Nashville, and maybe spend a night camping in the Smoky Mountains.
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a bit over 700 miles, but i did a spring break in south padre island, tx. one year. there's a camping on the island, which was pretty cool. Matamoros, across the border, was fun to hang out.
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