What are your favorite ABM resources?
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Looking for the best resources for learning about agent-based modeling and social science simulation.

What are your favorite resources (online or offline, though online would be a nice start) for agent-based modeling and social science simulation? I have a small amount of experience with C++ (and Pascal way back in high school), though it was over 10 years ago when I took the classes, but I'm comfortable with the idea of programming. I'm comfortable with learning a new programming language but want to maximize my efforts.

Googling has produced a number of results but I'm curious if anyone feels there are especially good resources out there. Syllabi would even be nice if they include readings as well as "labs" that I could use as practice.

There's no great urgency for learning this; I'm merely trying to acquire it as a skill before I finish graduate school.
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Best answer: You might want to play around with NetLogo and the models it comes with - NetLogo is often used in introductory ABM courses.

Also check out the syllabi for courses offered by the Center for the Study of Complex Systems at the University of Michigan. CSCS has some well-known researchers in ABM such as Robert Axelrod and Scott Page.
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Best answer: Portland State's Systems Science program has a course in Agent-Based Modeling as well as System Dynamics and Discrete System Simulation. Check out the syllabi and texts used there as well. Good luck!
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