What emulators run best on a PSP?
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Can you recommend the best emulators to run on a (homebrew enabled) PSP?

I've got a homebrew enabled PSP and would like to have a go with some of the emulators out there.

I've done some searches and come to the realisation that (a) there are a lot of emulators for various machines, (b) they appear to be of varying quality, (c) quite a few appear to be dead or dying and (d) the sites/forum posts which claim to recommend the best can be as much as 4 years old.

A quick search myself comes up with at least 2 for MAME, 5 for NeoGeo, 2 for Amiga, 4 for N64, 4 for Gameboy Advance, 2 for SNES and 4 for SEGA Master System/Game Gear. A total of 23 in all.

This is quite clearly a lot to assess so any advice you can provide on emulators to check out (or avoid) would be appreciated.

(I'm fully aware of the legal requirements regarding copyright when running emulators)
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I can't throw a lot of help your way, having not looked into this since I first sorted homebrew stuff out when I got a PSP. My real recommendation would be that there's a version of SCUMMVM for the PSP. Otherwise, you can convert PS1 games to run on it quite easily, and as for the rest, I just went with what I could find to run classic games I wanted to revisit.
I think I wound up with the VICE C64 emulator to run Paradroid, and sometimes a mega drive one for Sonic.

Mostly there doesn't seem to have been a lot of work, like you say, on many of the emulators for the PSP.
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This is a great thread, and GBATemp as a whole is an excellent resource for modding of all kinds, particularly Nintendo products, but the PSP has a presence as well.

To paraphrase the thread, NesterJ for the NES and Snes9x TYL for SNES. I haven't used the GBA one they recommend, but the others are generally fine.
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Response by poster: Hello Lifehacker readers! If you can offer up any suggestions on good emulators for the PSP then i'd really appreciate it.

Sadly the link provided by papayaninja is over 6 months old and the scores haven't been totalled up since 17th May. It also doesn't take into account the other emulators out there.
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