What bookmarking sites should a former Ma.gnolia junkie turn to?
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Who will I turn to after Ma.gnolia?

I heart bookmarking. I do not heart computer crashes. After experiencing one huge one, thanks to a faulty Fujitsu hard drive, in which I lost almost all of my data (this was before Time Machine), I decided to move as much of my data off of my laptop as possible.

I went with Ma.gnolia for bookmarks, but, now, Ma.gnolia has crashed. For now, I'm grinding my teeth with Delicious, but I'm looking for a better solution. I don't care much about the "social" aspects, but a nice interface and link sharing are a plus.
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I use Delicious and completely disregard the social aspect (with the exception of shared links between a couple friends). If you stay away from the main page, it's pretty close to Magnolia.
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What about delicious do you find teeth-grindingly bad?
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i find delicious website so frustrating that i ignored the service for years. recently a friend turned me onto their firefox plugin and i'm not sure how i lived without it.
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Search Google News for ma.gnolia.com, there's a Wired Blog post with a bunch of options in the comments.
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magnolia's twitter feed is one of the better sources of information on recovering your bookmarks, that is if you are not already reading it.
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What about delicious do you find teeth-grindingly bad?\

The 2008 redesign.
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You might consider trying a local bookmarking app that syncs with Delicious. It's kinda the best of both worlds--enjoyable and responsive UI plus remote backups and access to your bookmarks from any internet-connected computer. I use and enjoy WebnoteHappy (assuming from your comment about Time Machine that you're on OS X).
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If people have specific concerns/suggestions/questions about Delicious, feel free to ask here or contact me (via MeMail or whatever you like); I'm the Delicious community manager intern and always happy to attempt to answer.

For OS X and Delicious, there's also Pukka for saving bookmarks and Cocoalicious for browsing bookmarks.

Of course I think Delicious is the best thing ever, but there are also several other social bookmarking services - see the long list on Wikipedia.
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Netvouz is what I use. I like the fact that you can have both folders and tabs, and that it has a dead link checker. It's got private bookmark functionality, and it's easy enough to share stuff
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Diigo is nice. I use it because I can back up to delicious. That way if it ever goes dark I'll have a back up. Delicious is nice enough, but diigo offers a few options that delicious does not like annotations on web pages, and selections. Diigo also runs a job twice daily which posts all my links, annotations and selections to my blog. I'm a little worried about loosing my bookmarks, in case you couldn't tell.

It also bills itself as "social bookmarking", but like delicious is a good service without the social aspect.
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BTW, timepiece, Netvous is not accepting "self-registrations" now. For a few weeks it said.
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Seems like Netvouz hasn't been accepting registrations for several months, but can create accounts manually for people.
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Response by poster: What about delicious do you find teeth-grindingly bad?

The redesign of the interface.

Thanks, hadn't thought about using Delicious and a desktop app in conjunction. As for Evernote, I use it and thought about it, but I already keep so much stiff there that adding bookmarks to the mix would make things too confusing :)
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Not sure which parts you dislike, but there are also a few Greasemonkey scripts and Stylish CSS snippets that modify the new design to look a little more like the old one.
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