Windows 7 and DVD Authoring
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So I'm using the Windows 7 Beta, and I need some good burning software that is compatible.

TMPGENC was my media burning software of choice, especially since it's so flavourful when it comes to making DVD menus, and flexible when it comes to transcoding formats.

Is there something that is similar (no, NOT NERO) to this that is verifiably Win7 compatible?
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CD Burner XP worked well for, but I have never created menus with it. It states that it works with Windows 7 and it is free.
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Windows 7 doesn't even include CD burning software?

That's insane.

But, CD Burner XP is kickass and most importantly free!
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Go get ImgBurn.
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I'm using CD Burner XP and ImgBurn with no problems on Win7 x64.
Don't think they'll do menus though.
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Windows 7 doesn't even include CD burning software

Yes, it does. But burning a disk and authoring DVD menus are two very different things. It is surely the OS's job to write files to media, and Windows can do this just fine - insert media, drag files to media, click burn.

Creating attractive menus and interfaces is definitely NOT the OS's job - the poster is looking for software which does this well.
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