How do I find a shrink in Toronto?
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How does one go about finding a good therapist in Toronto?

I haven't seen a therapist or counsellor in years, since it was offered through my university. But now, I could really, really use it - and I have no idea how to find a shrink in Toronto. Google? Yellow pages? Solicit recommendations from friends? My GP? I just don't know how this works. Anyone?

(FWIW, I actually got halfway through pouring my woes themselves into the Ask MeFi box, when I realized that a) everyone would be bored stiff by it, and b) some things are best left un-crowdsourced. Alas, what I really need right now is one perspective from someone who's seen a lot of minds, not a lot of minds who offer one persepctive each.)
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I've got a great psychotherapist.

John Ardagh
1173 Davenport Road
(416) 367-9555
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I recommend the Psychology Today website. I also commend you for taking this step. Good luck.
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If you have a very good doctor, then you can get referred to an OHIP covered psychologist. This is where having a doctor you know and trust to make the recommendation is very important, as some OHIP funded psychologists are swamped to the point of being incapable of providing the time and quality you need and deserve.
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some OHIP funded psychologists are swamped

You meant all, right?
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First, I don't think psychologists are covered by OHIP. Psychiatrists are covered, however.

Second, ask your family doctor for a referral, even if you''re thinking of using a psychologist (just cause OHIP won't cover it doesn't mean your doc doesn't know psychologists for you need).
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OHIP covers psychiatrists and Social Workers. As already mentioned by others, you should talk to your doctor for a recommendation.
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