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Trying to remember the name of a game from the late 80s or early 90s -- text only, proto-RPG, DOS based. So, for some reason the imaginary imagery of this game has stuck with me for about 20 years. I had a copy from a friend on 5.25 floppy and I'm not sure if I ever knew the name -- but I'd love to try and hunt it down for a friend's kid. Can you help?

The game began in an English garden of some sort, (I want to say it was Coventry Gardens) with people walking around. The game would feed you a descriptive line and you had to respond with particular commands. All I really remember was something about stealing a pram, buying bird feed so the crow (raven?) would drop something, and opening an umbrella at the right time after climbing into the pram so the wind that rose would carry you off to another land. My memory also includes a witch and a really large mushroom but it's hard to tell what I've made up over the years.

Anyone have any idea just what the heck I'm talking about? I swear this isn't a drug induced memory... THANKS!
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Definitely Trinity, one of the best text adventure / interactive fiction games of all time.
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100% trinity. Difficult game.
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[Press any key to begin.]

Sharp words between the superpowers. Tanks in East Berlin. And now, reports the BBC, rumors of a satellite blackout. It's enough to spoil your continental breakfast.

But the world will have to wait. This is the last day of your $599 London Getaway Package, and you're determined to soak up as much of that authentic English ambience as you can. So you've left the tour bus behind, ditched the camera and escaped to Hyde Park for a contemplative stroll through the Kensington Gardens.

Trinity it definitely is! One of Infocom's later, and harder, works. This is a tough game for a kid; a tough game for a grownup! Especially without the Invisiclues. I never did finish it...

I don't think Trinity is commercially available at this point. I saw it for sale as part of Lost Treasures of Infocom II for exorbitant prices on Ebay. Alternatively, you'll find it on bittorrent or the file-sharing networks, albeit without the feelies.

There are a lot of incredible, freely available Infocom-style games being created these days. Just search mefi or the webs for Interactive Fiction.

"And 'the wabe' is the grass-plot round
a sun-dial, I suppose?" said Alice,
surprised at her own ingenuity.

"Of course it is. It's called 'wabe,'
you know, because it goes a long way
before it, and a long way behind it --"

-- Lewis Carroll

Damn that was a cool game. I need to scrounge up a copy myself...
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Just to be pedantic, it's not that accurate to call Infocom games proto-RPGs. For one thing, RPGs were a well established genre by the time TRINITY was published in 1986. Secondly, Infocom games are usually refered to as Interactive Fiction which is a separate and distinct genre.

The game you're looking for is definitely, 100% TRINITY. The infocom games are generally regarded as abandonware and you can easily find and download them online to play on a modern interactive fiction interpreter likeGargoyle
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oh, you guys ROCK!! thank you so much. and eips for incorrect terminology. what can I say? I'm a food and wine geek, I don't know my rpgs from my interactive fiction :)
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oh, and young man -- tell me about it! I was absolutely lost without any clues or cheats. I have no idea how I even made it as far as I did.
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