What are your favorite blogs about running?
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I want to read some blogs by runners and people training for triathlons.

I'm looking for day-to-day life sort of blogs, not like pro or semi-pro athletes writing only about training. Just ordinary people with full time jobs who happen to be runners and triathletes.

One example of a blog I like is Earthmovers and Sandcastles.

Googling brings me many link farms and dead links. Not to mention crappy blogs.

What are your favorites?
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Not a blog -but a book written rather like a blog by an author you may have read elsewhere: Haruki Murakami's "What I Talk About When I Talk About Running".
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Thanks, but I am really only looking for blogs.
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A minimalist blog about training to run the Boston Marathon (and raising money for a good cause): Where I Ran Today.
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In no particular order:

http://stevefleck.blogspot.com/ <> http://ironclm.typepad.com/ <> http://www.amultisportlife.blogspot.com/

I have some more in my favorites at home.
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http://www.brandonmarsh.com/ (my friend's tri coach)
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It's the lady who used to write letters to Marc Jacobs. She posts challenges and everything.
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The last one may be more intense than you want, Gordo is more about personal improvement which also includes triathlon. I left off some really "training" specific blogs that talk mostly about technique, training plans, etc. I would go to JT's Tri Spot (second link) and go through her Blog List on the right hand side for more ideas. JT is a female triathlete training hard and also going through medical residency. A lot of these triathlon bloggers know each other (through the interwebs and real life), so make sure to work their blog-rolls for more sources.
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Uh, me? http://sneakerstories.blogspot.com/
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zhivota, JT's Tri Spot is exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for, and her blog list will keep me busy for a while!

Keep them coming! Thanks everyone.
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My friend Jamie writes mostly about tri training and sometimes even does a video podcast about it (SBRTV).


I'm subscribed to a bunch of others in Google Reader, which I can post when I get some time tonight. There's a lot of tri bloggers out there. And many are excellent writers.
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OK - How about Barefoot Runner.
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I marked some best answers, but I'd still love more suggestions, especially along the lines of part of my question I should have stressed more:

I'm looking for day-to-day life sort of blogs, not like pro or semi-pro athletes writing only about training. Just ordinary people with full time jobs who happen to be runners and triathletes.

Really not looking for training logs, commercial sites, or blogs that are solely about running. Even if only one out of ten posts are about running or training, that's fine.
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jdroth and his friend are blogging their efforts to get fit and eventually run a half marathon at Get Fit Slowly. It doesn't feature too much day-to-day life, but his companion (more popular) blog Get Rich Slowly has a bit more of that.
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I haven't found any good "ordinary-people" triathlon blogs that I've followed for any length of time. I found that most of them are not well maintained, I guess because family and jobs takes over any free time outside of training and it's hard to maintain the discipline of regular blogging.

I've gotten more out of online forums such as at beginnertriathlete.com and trinewbies.com. If you follow the active posters on those forums, some of them keep blogs. Lots of great information on those sites for people at all levels of fitness who are training.
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