Social Media Retail filter: Amazon Twitter Facebook mashup... does such a thing exist?
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Social Media Retail filter: I'm trying to find examples of "best in show" social retail sites. Think "Facebook" meets "hot or not" but for rating apparel and house/home goods (for example). Bonus points if they offer the ability to follow particular users that have a good eye for style/trends that you find appealing, similar functionality to how you follow a user's feed on Twitter.

I'm trying to find examples of sites, particularly ones that do social retailing well. Do any of you have any links or examples you can share?

Again, something along the lines of Facebook, where you have 'friends', can leave comments, etc, but where you can also select "favorites" for products you like from an online catalog. Then your friends can rate your selection of those items either with a thumbs-up/down or a 160 character Tweet-esque statement based on things like physical appeal, usefulness, etc. This would be separate from "reviews" from a site like Amazon, etc, as those reviews might not be from "friends". Further, it would be great if these examples offer the ability to not only look for products and add them to your profile, but to purchase those items direct from that site.

I'm sure that sites like this must exist, but I'm having a tough time finding any examples.
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Maybe you're looking for "social shopping?"
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ThisNext sounds exactly what you're looking for.
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