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Internal flights in India. I want to get a return flight from Mumbai to Bangalore, and I've heard that Jet Airways is a good modern airline, but are there other alternatives I should consider? Reliability and e-ticketing is good.
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Cool! I was hoping for an impossibly specific south Asian question thread. Here's mine: where's the best place to find shoes sized US11/UK45 and larger in Hanoi, Vietnam?

Others? Stav?
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Air India is reliable and almost always a direct flight. We rely on it all the time for flights to the US with a stop over in London.
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I need to wake up more. Indian Airlines (IA) is the other reliable alternative to Jet Airways, I hear the Tata airline is not too shabby either. The advantage with IA is that you'll have many flights to choose from and they usually have their own massive terminal so getting in and out of airports is quick and easy.
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Discount airline: Air Deccan will get you here cheaper. And yes, they use e-ticketing.

The advantage with IA is that you'll have many flights to choose from

The disadvantage is that it's a government-owned airline and you'll usually get flight staff who look older than the dinosaurs and about as interested to serve you. ;)
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I've flown Jet Airways from Bombay to Pune. Honestly, they were pretty damn good. It was the first time I had been served duck in a twelve minute flight.

Unfortunately, I don't like duck.

However, the airline is very modern, clean and comfortable.

As far as size 11 shoes in Hanoi: sorry, I can't help you. I do know that there is a western style "mall" in Saigon where you will have better luck. My impression of Hanoi was (although I loved it immensely) that it doesn't have many of the conveniences of a city like Saigon.
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I've flown Jet Airways 3 times, and all 3 flights featured the most horrific landings I've ever encountered. We didn't actually "land" so much as "impact." But hey, I'm still alive, so I guess I shouldn't complain. I wouldn't recommend it for the weak of stomach.
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As far as shopping in Vietnam goes, cut few pics out of a magazine or print what you want from internet.

Then head down south to Hoi Ann, where you can have everything tailor-made for almost nothing. There are dozens and dozens of tailor shops, shoe makers and you can get anything in a day.

This works in some other places in Vietnam as well, but Hoi Ann is the mecca.
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I almost always fly Indian Airlines for my internal Indian flights and I've never had too many problems with them. Personally, I think their meals are fantastic -- but then again, I think almost everything I eat once I'm in India is heavenly.

I've flown Air Sahara once -- from Chennai to Delhi -- and I quite enjoyed the flight and the service.
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Incidentally, Indian Airlines and Jet both raised their fares by about 10% recently. Just thought you should know. Jet Airways tends to have cuter flight attendants, if that matters. ;)

When are you visiting Bangalore? Mail me if you need any specific info.
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I've flown both Indian Airlines and Jet. They're much of a muchness. The Mumbai - Bangalore route will probably have some of their newest planes running. My only concern when I flew with either of them was the old plane stock.
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I did the Mumbai - Bangalore leg on Jet and found it very nice. But I had been awake for about 32 hours by then, so I was a little loopy.
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I've flown Jet Airways and had no problems. For all questions about India, IndiaMike is a great resource.
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