Movies for Aimless 20-somethings or 20-somethings with direction who are feeling nostalgic
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So I really liked the movie Reality Bites (for better or worse). Can you suggest other films for me?

The film brought an odd and immense amount of escapist comfort to me during my recent post-baccalaureate, grad-school and unemployment years when I worried about money and direction but loved living with my own overeducated and similarly worried enclave of friends. I now have a sudden urge to see more movies like it. IMDb and Netflix suggest Singles and St. Elmo's Fire for me, that doesn't seem quite right.

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You are looking for coming-of-age type movies. Wes Anderson's Rushmore and The Darjeeling Limited are both 'looking for direction' movies. Also try Slacker. All worthwhile...
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These, mostly. But you want some Linklater, you do.
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Try High Fidelity.... not the same age bracket but if you are looking for a movie that might reflect angst and that feeling of 'what direction am I going/should I go' it will do it.

Definitely on my top 5 favorite movies list.....
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Kicking and Screaming. Definitely.
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Before Sunrise. I have had the same relationship with Reality Bites, and this has something (other than Ethan Hawke) of the same thing, with less pop culture referencing and more grand romantic student earnestness.

If you're feeling masochistic, Quarterlife is like the most self-indulgent, obnoxious moments of all the characters in Reality Bites, plus vlogging. I watched all of it over two weeks of pre-exam freaking out. It's terrible, it never got better, and yet...
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You have described the movie Kicking and Screaming. Which is not about coming of age. It's about not wanting to come of age.
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I was going to recommend Singles and Chasing Amy too. Also Good Will Hunting, 4 Weddings and a Funeral, Sideways, Grosse Point Blank and Beautiful Girls.

But Amazon beat me to it. Creepy.
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With Honors
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Check this question.
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Empire Records?
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The Low Life
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Diner, Fandango, Breaking Away, maybe Igby Goes Down?
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Nthing Kicking and Screaming. Also, The Pompatus of Love.
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It's not a movie, but Avenue Q fits this so perfectly that I had to mention it.

Empire Records is also a good suggestion, though it may be skewed a little younger than you're looking for (Liv Tyler's character is graduating from high school, but I think most of the other characters are college-aged but not in college). For the love of God though, get the original version if you can and not the special edition. The deleted scenes were deleted for a reason, and I have not talked to one person who doesn't hate them.
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I'd suggest Beautiful Girls.

It's more about relationships in your late 20's, but does focus around a guy who returns to his very small hometown to visit his strange family and friends who never left.
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Garden State. It's fabulous, great soundtrack too.
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Funny Ha
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Wet Hot American Summer? Especially if you are going for the "not such a great film but really sweet" quality.
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Threesome fits the bill.
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