Best place to sell animation art?
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Is there a better place than ebay for selling animation art? (cels, lobby cards, some reproductions) It's a mixed bag - some disney, some warner bros - probably about 10 pieces total. I've seen a few places that will act as middlemen, but I'm not familiar with any of them, so I'm not sure what the best course of action is.
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I thought I would have provided the answer "2nding (or Nthing)", but I guess I'm the first.
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poster appraisal full disclosure, Rudy is my dad, he'll happily talk to you for free and point you to good places. I think bonhams is selling the sericels in their actual catalog auctions (never thought I'd see THAT in my lifetime) but he can give you better advice than I can.
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I've never actually sold a cel, but I've been in the market for cels (from 101 Dalmations) for quite some time. While searching, eBay always seems to be a decent resource for cels and (especially) seri-cel reproductions.

There are a few places online that sell them too (WWAGallery was one that stood out to me) but if the cels you have are actually original under-the-camera cels from their respective films, they may be worth having appraised -- cels have sold at auction for tens of thousands. You wouldn't want to pass up that opportunity!
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If you have actual, for-real, used-in-the-production-of-a-cartoon cels, you should probably look to an auction house, where they are more apt to be seen and acquired by knowledgeable collectors.

Ebay is flooded by worthless sericels and other "collector" reproductions, posing as serious art. If you have an actual production cel from a classic film, it will get lost and devalued in the Ebay swamp.

Back in the day, I acquired some production cels from Gallery Lainzberg. They are no longer in business, but two former employees carry-on a similar business. You might want to contact them and discuss your options. Their (old-school) website is here.
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apologies for the delay, and thank you all for the leads!
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