Is Why's Hackety Hack still alive?
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Anybody know why I'd be having problems with Hackety Hack (the ruby tutorial)? Downloading works fine, but the forums and the shared programs are gone.

My 12 yr old son was cranking through it, and really enjoying it, until we got to the portions that required downloading some shared code from the site. One of the tutorial lessons (the youtube one) uses a program called youtube.rb, but it seems that the program is no longer up there. Further, when I went to the hackety hack forums at, I was greeted with nothing (as in a completely blank site). Links to old forum posts now get the dreaded 404. Me and my son will be very disappointed if its gone as in gone-gone, but I can't find anything in wikipedia or google searches about it going away.
Also, if it is gone, is there anything close to it as a replacement?

PS. MeFi's RSS feed doesn't work with the tutorial anymore either.
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Have you tried emailing Why (why at At one point he was taking time off from Hackety Hack to work on Shoes but I haven't paid attention for a little while.
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Definitely send why an email. The Shared Programs link in the masthead also goes to an empty page right now. Perhaps that's where youtube.rb is supposed to live? I'm guessing there's some problem with the site's webhost that's messing up the subdomains.
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I hope Hackety Hack is back up soon! Until it is, perhaps Snake Wrangling for Kids?
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Try him on Twitter. He fixed tryruby for me in like ten minutes.
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thanks, I've emailed him. I'll post any replies here.
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FYI...looks like it's being upgraded.
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