How do I turn off mouse snapping with 'Enable access for assistive devices' in Leopard off?
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I recently installed Text Expander and Slife and they both ask me to 'Enable access for assistive devices,' when I do so my mouse starts snapping to dialog boxes whenever a prompt comes up. This is driving me nuts! Any idea how I turn it off?

Here's what it's doing:

I checked with another Mac user who's been using Text Expander for years and he's never seen this when he turns the option on. I've been all through the options in Universal Access, Keyboard and Mouse, Trackpad and Steer Mouse and I can't figure out which option turns it off! Google isn't being too helpful either, at least with the search terms I've tried.

Along the way I managed to change something that's making my screensavor go on semi-randomly while I'm working. It's disabled in the preferences and it's not hot corners, usually seems to happen when I'm moving the mouse around. Any ideas what I changed?

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Best answer: Do you have a Logitech or Microsoft mouse? Is this a feature enabled by the software supplied with the mouse?
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Response by poster: I do have a Logitech mouse, I don't have Logitech drivers installed, instead I'm using SteerMouse, but I can't find any options for something like that in there and it happens when I don't have my Logitech mouse plugged in.
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Response by poster: Oh dang, you were dead on, it was a preference I missed in SteerMouse that I managed to overlook every time I was in there. Thanks!
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